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Change your mind, mood, and outlook...
all on demand.

Untether your awareness from your experience with 3 powerful Stillness techniques—then slip into a new depth of what you used to know as “meditation.”

Come back refreshed to a different, better you.

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Access psychedelic states
—without drugs.

How? By breathing and Getting Still.

In this course, you'll learn how understanding both the science and anatomy of breath lets you access new realms of consciousness and Stillness.

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Advanced Stillness

For seasoned practitioners seeking to level up:

Learn the theory and then practice 8 additional Stillness techniques, including: Tapping, Non-Sleep Deep State Relaxation (NSDR) and the Circular breath

Finish it all off with an hour-long technique stack that lets you “blast off.”

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"This app is changing the meditation game. As someone who struggles with sitting still, choosing the right meditation for me out of all the options out there, and actually following through with meditating, this app has made it so easy for me. Highly recommend!!"



Greater stress reduction

...compared to Calm—the leading meditation app in the world. Research study conducted at the University of Illinois, the number 12 public university in the country.



Total stress reduction

...over a 6 week period. Getting Still isn’t another task to your to-do list. It's a daily “reboot” that fits into your normal life rhythms.

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