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Still Life exists for the modern professional to find Stillness.

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Quiet your mind. Change your life.

When you’re Still, you’re only aware of the present—no past, no future. Our community members report “losing their sense of self” and experiencing unbroken states of mental focus.

Stillness isn’t reserved for elite athletes or the super spiritual—it exists within us all. And when you get Still, you’ll see an automatic, tangible impact on what matters most: your work and your relationships.

What Is

Still Life

Build relationships that last a lifetime.

A hand-picked community of people of founders, CEOs, and leaders. Still Life isn’t a “mountain-top” experience where we teach some cool wellness tricks that you’ll forget after a few weeks. As you learn to weave Stillness into your daily rhythms, you’ll build real, lasting friendships with an LA-based community that lasts far beyond the 3-month program.


Still Life

Get Still on GQ’s "coolest street in America"

You’re not going to your buddy's Burning Man backyard, or another Venice yoga studio. When you step off Abbot Kinney, you enter a space designed specifically for you to experience Stillness. Come see for yourself.

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Online Courses


Change your mind, mood, and outlook...
all on demand.

Untether your awareness from your experience with 3 powerful Stillness techniques—then slip into a new depth of what you used to know as “meditation.”

Come back refreshed to a different, better you.

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Access psychedelic states
—without drugs.

How? By breathing and Getting Still.

In this course, you'll learn how understanding both the science and anatomy of breath lets you access new realms of consciousness and Stillness.

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Advanced Stillness

For seasoned practitioners seeking to level up:

Learn the theory and then practice 8 additional Stillness techniques, including: Tapping, Non-Sleep Deep State Relaxation (NSDR) and the Circular breath

Finish it all off with an hour-long technique stack that lets you “blast off.”

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For Work

How we helped Omaze find Stillness

Meet your instructor

Jim George

“I help you get what you want”

For 43 years, Jim quietly explored Stillness—serving behind the scenes, helping others reach a life well-lived.

After 4 decades studying the Stoics, Tibetan Lamas, and Japanese monks, Jim distilled their wisdom into simple frameworks that map onto our 21st century experience. His work changed our lives, and we felt compelled to share its impact. We started by offering free Stillness sessions for our friends and families, led by Jim. Ultimately, we encouraged him to build The Program.

We were struck by the practicality of Jim's approach.

Jim isn’t another “guru.” Prior to Still Life, he worked for decades in animation, breathing life into movie characters. Now, through sharing the practice of Stillness, he breathes life into people. He’s worked with  professional athletes, billion-dollar CEOs, and college students. He found us (Still Life's founders) on our way to medical degrees, PhDs, and careers in investment banking. He gave us the tools to change our lives—the same tools he can give you through Still Life.

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