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What is the Dyad?

Simply, the dyad is an eye gazing technique.

2 people—you, and a partner—sit directly across form each other, first by closing your eyes and doing a guided Stillness meditation inviting your inner child to come out and play. Then, you'll maintain eye contact for an extended period of time, allowing your mind to become Still together.

The purpose: get you to feel, see, and ultimately experience the profound change in your mind between starting and finishing this technique. When you "drop into" a deeper state of Stillness, it produces...

Do most people hallucinate?

83% of participants report a psychedelic-like experience during our Introduction to Stillness.

As you gaze into your partner’s eyes, your mind quiets down. The constant chatter in your head fades away, along with the filtering processes of your brain. As your mental noise reduces, the visual processing centers in your brain become more pronounced. Your perception alters—but you’re not tripping. And there’s nothing in water…

What's the relation to Stillness?

The dyad is one of the most powerful ways we’re able to elicit a deep state of Stillness and expanded awareness. It feels like a reboot. A mental reset. And it can lead to a profound sense of connection, both with yourself and with the person sitting across from you. For many, it’s deeply transformative.

The Dyad is one of the most simple—yet profound—ways we’re able to share Stillness with others.

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